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Seiki - Hotstone

Nature has given every human being the capacity to adjust any imbalance within the body. To do so, we use our self-healing power


Body and mind in balance

Everyone experiences stress or tension at one time or another. For some this leads to physical symptoms such as back pain, chronic headaches or fatigue. Others feel emotionally off balance, or feel down and suffer from mood swings. If the symptoms get worse or continue for too long, many people are no longer capable of recovering on their own. Shiatsu, Seiki and Hot Stone massage can help to restore the balance between body and mind. Most health insurance companies cover Shiatsu therapy.


Member of Iokai Shiatsutherapeuten Vereniging (V.I.S./Dutch Association of Iokai Shiatsu Practitioners)
Member of Stichting Register Beroepsbeoefenaren Natuurlijke Gezondheidszorg (SRBAG/Dutch Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners)

Joy Farmer

Joy Farmer (1966), Shiatsu practitioner in Bloemendaal: “I was born and raised in Germany. After studying fashion and design, I worked in the fashion industry for many years. In my career I was motivated by connecting with people. Even though fashion seems to be all about looks, the way people dress has a lot to do with how they feel and what they want to express. I became more and more interested in the inner perception and for that reason I wanted to find another way of relating to people. So I decided to follow a new path. I started training to become a Shiatsu practitioner and after qualifying, I started my Shiatsu, Hot Stone Massage and Seiki Practice. This change has introduced me to some exceptional people, who have helped me to discover new things about myself, time and time again. For that I owe them much gratitude. With my treatments I would like to help others enhance their life energy.”

Sandra Hamers


Natural Facelifing


‘Shi’ means finger and ‘atsu’ means pressure in Japanese. Shiatsu is an oriental, holistic therapy; it encourages deep relaxation, which will enhance the body’s self-healing power. Shiatsu goes with a Japanese lifestyle and philosophy in which nutrition, breathing techniques and exercises are considered very important. The treatments make people aware of the correlation between their health and their way of life. Therefore the therapy also has a preventive effect: deep relaxation stimulates the vital forces and the immune system.


Ontspannings Massage


Seiki Soho helps people reconnect with themselves and their own energy. A treatment starts with deep relaxation, allowing the body to develop a heightened sensitivity to blockages. Seiki Soho teaches people the ability to release these blockages themselves; body and balance start to adjust and heal themselves.

Natura Bisse


Bij Natura Bissé geloven we dat elke huid zijn eigen stem heeft, zijn eigen expressie, zijn eigen leven. 

A Hot Stone massage is an intense massage using stroking movements combined with warm oil and the gentle pressure of heated stones. The warmth of the stones deeply penetrates the skin, creating a feeling of well-being and relaxation. The stroking movements and the pressure of the stones help the body get rid of toxins. Stiff or tense muscles regain their flexibility and the firmness of the connective tissue is enhanced.

Producten Salon verkoop

Sense en Pure werkt uitsluitend met kwalitatief hoogwaardige schoonheidsproducten. Alle producten zijn zorgvuldig gekozen. De meeste van deze producten zijn ook te koop voor thuisgebruik. Goede en hoogwaardige producten voor de thuisverzorging zorgen voor 70% van het behoud van je huid. Je reinigt immers ieder ochtend en avond je huid met reinigingsproducten. 1 á 2 keer per week behandel je, je huid met een masker. Elke dag smeer je lekker je gezicht in met een dag- en nachtcrème. In de overige 30% kunnen wij je met onze schoonheidsbehandelingen helpen. Door thuis met dezelfde producten als je schoonheidsspecialist te werken zijn salon en thuis behandeling op elkaar afgestemd en versterken ze elkaars werking. 

Bij interesse in een van deze producten of heb je vragen, neem contact met mij op. 

Bestellingen via email, contact formulier of per telefoon worden na bevestiging en betaling verzonden of kunnen in de salon opgehaald worden. Wij bieden (nog) geen online betalingen aan.

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