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Sandra Hamers


The human body is perfectly capable of making tensions flow away and recovering from ailments. Our adaptability helps us carry on, even in trying times. If certain parts of the body function poorly, other parts will come to the rescue. Our adaptability is in fact so powerful that an unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy posture or continuous tension are not always immediately noticeable. Sometimes it takes quite a while for symptoms to develop. However, prolonged and/or severe disruption of the balance between body and mind will cause stress, which might lead to burnout or nervous exhaustion.


Shiatsu, Seiki and Hot Stone find their origins in the pursuit of improvement of general health. The treatments help prevent symptoms as well as relieve and dispel them. They activate our self-healing power, allowing body and mind to recover. People who have a history of physical or emotional symptoms might also benefit from Shiatsu, Seiki Soho and Hot Stone. For them, the treatments will help prevent recurrence of their symptoms.

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